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As many of us did, I enjoyed being creative as a child. In school I would choose arts and crafts time over recess any day! (Although I have never been a true artist I have always loved to create!) As time marched on I eventually turned my attention to the business world. While building my career and juggling kids, husband, and dogs – I still longed to do creative things. In my downtime I was able to keep the spark alive by finding small crafts to do, experimenting with faux wall painting, paper scrapbooking and painting pieces of furniture for my home.

Fast forward to present day and I now joyfully find myself able to share my love for all things creative with others! I have been selling Rethunk Junk Paint products and Iron Orchid Designs (IOD) transfers, moulds and stamps through a local vendor-based store. These are all wonderful products for the do-it-yourself person to use in making something beautiful and creative. I love to teach classes and hold them each month at the store.

As my booth business grew, I realized that I needed to take the next step and offer these wonderful products online for those who are not able to frequent the store. It is my goal for you to be able to shop with ease and confidence in knowing that your order will be processed promptly and with great care.

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